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PPI is an insurance policy that should cover all or part of your monthly repayments to your loan company should you fall ill, be made redundant or die. However the experience suffered by those who took out these policies tells a different story.

Because of exclusions and mis-selling, the payment protection insurance policies have turned out to be worse than worthless – they have been an unnecessary burden.

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How did this happen?

The most common ways of PPI being mis-sold are:

  • PPI being added without knowledge
  • PPI being sold to the self-employed, unemployed, and part-time workers – all of which do not match the qualifying criteria to make a claim
  • PPI sold to people with pre-existing medical conditions
  • The PPI policy did not cover the full term of the loan

How can FTR help?

You could hold at least one of the millions of mis-sold payment protection insurance policies, some of which may still be active.

First Target Recoveries could deliver to you a cash lump sum of all premiums paid – with interest, and if the policy is still active, it will be removed from your payments for the remainder of the agreement. Alternatively, if the account you claim against is in arrears, these funds may be deducted off the balance you owe.

Why choose us?

We have experience with dealing mis-sold PPI compensation claims, and we have helped people like you to claim back their PPI compensation! We have processed over 71522 claims this year.

The claims process takes on average about 12 weeks to complete however, if your complaint is referred to FOS, this will be considerably longer. During your claim we are here to guide you through the process so complete our online form or call us on 0800 023 4953 to find out more!

Full details of our fees and illustrations of what fees might be due are in section 6 of our Terms and Conditions here

Our Services

As part of our commitment to continually improve our service we are now able, with your permission, to conduct a credit search to establish any credit accounts that may be eligible for claims in relation to mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance. This will enable us to complete a thorough check to identify additional claims that may not have been picked up during the initial claims process.

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