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12 Christmas money saving tips

2nd October 2017 - posted by Chris McCabe

With just 12 weeks until Christmas, many of the shops are already gearing up for the holiday season while some of us start to plan what presents we’ll be buying.

However, without careful planning, the holiday season can turn into a bit of a money black hole!

We’ve got 12 tips on how to make your money go further this Christmas:

  1. Start saving now

 If you save just £20 a week from now until Christmas, you could have an extra £240 to add to the pot. Try simple things like giving up one take out coffee a day and it could start to add up.


  1. Make a budget…and stick to it!

Set yourself a limit for Christmas spending. Have individual budgets for food and presents and make sure you don’t go over your maximum amount. Why not set yourself a challenge to see if you can underspend by 25%?


  1. Shop online/ shop around

Don’t buy something in the first shop you see it in. Shop around and check the prices online to make sure you’re getting the best deal.


  1. Do your research

The most expensive item might not always be best. Do lots of research and read online reviews before making a purchase. You might save yourself a bit of money.


  1. Buy second class stamps

If you send 30 cards, this will save you £2.70. Alternatively, send an e-card. It’s better for the environment and can be free!


  1. Sell unwanted items on eBay

Lots of people will be looking for bargain presents so it’s the ideal time to get rid of the things you no longer want, clearing out a bit of space and making some money in the process.


  1. Take advantage of supermarket special offers

Look out for 2 for 1 offers. There are also lots of offers on wine and champagne at this time of year so it’s worth waiting until you spot one of these


  1. Make the most of loyalty points

If you’ve been saving up all year, you could get your presents for next to nothing. Alternatively, you could rack up some points with your Christmas spending and save yourself some money in 2018.


  1. Food shop online

Do your food shopping online. It’s much easier to stick to a budget and avoid delicious temptations placed around the store.


  1. DIY

Why not try making your own gifts, cards or wrapping paper? There are plenty of ideas on Pinterest for you to try out.


  1. Reuse unwanted gifts

Did you get anything last Christmas that is still in the box? Reuse it as a gift this year. Just make sure you don’t give it back to whoever bought it in the first place!


  1. Plan ahead

If it hasn’t quite gone to plan this year, get organised and start planning for Christmas 2018 now. You might be able to bag some bargains in the sales!


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