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How to overcome the post-Christmas money blues

5th January 2018 - posted by Chris McCabe

While the month of December is full of excitement and anticipation in the build up to Christmas, it’ can cause money blues when it’s all over. January is the hangover of Christmas: it’s cold outside, you return to work and worst of all, you’re skint after splashing out on presents and amazing food.

While you’re dragging yourself to the finish line of your next payday, we’ve got a few tips to help you along the way.

Challenge yourself

If your new diet and vow to exercise have already gone out of the window, how about putting a few coppers into a jar? A saving challenge that starts with just a penny could leave you with over £600 by the end of December, meaning that next January won’t see any money worries! All you have to do on January 1st is put away 1p, 2p on January 2nd and add a penny everyday. Come December 31st, you’ll put in £3.65 and have a big pot of coins!

Perfect your culinary skills

Instead of spending on eating at restaurants or getting a big shop in, raid your cupboards and freezer. Many people overspend on food they don’t eat in December, so there could be a few treats at home already.

You can also get back to bread and butter – why spend money on lunch when making a sandwich is healthier and a lot cheaper? It’s a no-brainer!

Make your own drinks

While it seems like a simple task, many people prefer to pop to a coffee shop before work. You can save by waiting until you’re at work, where there is normally a kettle. Investing once in a flask and a water bottle means that you can always have a drink on the go. You aren’t wasting money on bottles of water and expensive coffees either!

Put a jumper on!

The cold weather during the winter months means that your heating bills can go through the roof. You can save money by putting on warm clothing inside the house. Even try shutting doors and windows in your home to keep the heat in.

Have a clear out

From unwanted Christmas pressies to the jumper you changed your mind on and forgot to return, your home is full of goods you can flog online. Not only will it make room in your home, but it will give you some spends to start the year off right.

Check your old paperwork for owed money

While you’re having a clear out, have a look over old loans or credit agreements. You could have been mis-sold payment protection insurance and be owed thousands of pounds! We can help you with that – get in touch to find out how.

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