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We’ve recovered over £128m
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Our claims specialists are on your side. We’ve successfully recovered 71,522 compensation payouts since 2011, totalling more than £132m for people who were mis-sold PPI.

Now, with the impending two-year deadline, we’re on track to support in returning up to £10bn to those affected by the insurance scandal.

Where are the UK hotspots?

Our data shows that Birmingham is the PPI claims capital of the UK – we’ve recovered £3.8m from banks for the city’s residents.

This equals an average payout of £3,863 for Midlanders, which is 93% higher than the national average payout of £2,000 and slightly higher than the average person’s debt.

Glasgow and Sheffield are also PPI hotspots. We’ve helped claimants take back over £3m. Over 50 locations including Leeds, Belfast and Liverpool have also claimed back over £1m in payouts.

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Is there time to claim?

The Financial Conduct Authority has now handed down a deadline of two years for those seeking compensation to claim, prompting those still owed to act before 29th August 2019.

With a deadline now in place to reclaim mis-sold PPI, it’s more important than ever for people who believe they may be entitled to a claim to act before the deadline passes

Are there still claims to be made?

Banks have set aside £36bn for compensation claims, with many people in the UK still eligible to claim.

Astounding numbers reveal just how many claims there are yet to be made. Britain’s Financial Watchdog has revealed that only 1 in 5 potential complaints about mis-sold PPI have been made so far this year.

There is still £10bn waiting in banks for people who may not be aware that they have a claim.

Get in touch with us today to join those who have already claimed back £26.7bn and recoup what’s rightfully yours.

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